AARP MedicareRx Preferred vs AARP MedicareRx Enhanced For 2014

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AARP MedicareRx Preferred vs AARP MedicareRx EnhancedWhich is best: AARP MedicareRx Preferred or AARP MedicareRx Enhanced?

When comparing 2014 Medicare Part D drug plans, you may come across some information on AARP Medicare Part D plans. But what are the differences between the AARP drug plans and when should you choose one over the other?

The first thing to consider when comparing Part D plans is whether or not your drugs are included in the plan’s formulary or list of covered drugs. No other plan benefits will be relevant unless your drugs are covered. This point is often lost on people who do not do their homework but rather base their decision on price or a recommendation from a friend or family member.

Medicare Part D formularies vary widely and the AARP Part D plans are not different. Statistically most people will find the AARP Medicare RX Preferred plan to offer a formulary that will include all of their medications. If after reviewing the formulary you find that you fall into this category it may be best to choose this plan. The premium for the Enhanced RX plan is most often more than two times the premium for the Preferred RX plan.

Benefits of the AARP MedicareRx plan

There are some important benefits of the Enhanced plan not available with the Preferred plan and the price between the two will generally reflect that.

The AARP Enhanced Part D plan:

The most important benefit and reason why you would choose the AARP Enhanced plan is the expanded formulary. The higher price will most often negate the savings in co-pays and the coverage of generic drugs in the coverage gap.

Given the fact that the formulary is key when comparing AARP MedicareRx Preferred vs AARP MedicareRx Enhanced make sure that you review the formularies to make sure that your drugs are included. This applies to any 2014 Part D plan that you may be shopping for.

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is there a deductible?
this info seems either hidden or non-applicable.
plz advise.

There is no annual Part D deductible for AARP MedicareRX Preferred or AARP MedicareRX Enhanced. Visit the AARP site for complete information.

Where can I get the formulary list for both plans?

Brenda, You could either get a copy of the formularies for AARP MedicareRX Preferred and AARP MedicareRX Enhanced froma local agent that represents United Health Care, or go to the AARP medicare Rx website and do an online search.

Any idea of a plan that covers TIAZAC? United healthcare is discontinueing it, and it’s the only calcium channel blocker that works for my husband – he’s been on the suggested generics (Taztia, etc.)on a trial, and had to be hospitalized – can you help?

Sigrun, Medicare Part D plans can vary from State to State, so I do not have a definitive answer for you. The easiest way to see if a particular medication, like the channel blocker you mentioned, is included in the Part D formulary is to visit the Medicare website. Choose “Health and Drug Plans”, then choose “Compare Drug and Health Plans”. You will be prompted to enter your zip code. You can add any medications and even choose pharmacies. Skip the pharmacy selection to get broader search results. If any plan covers this medication, it will show in the search results. I hope that helps.

My father was enrolled in the preferred plan for 2010 and 2011 as well.

He takes a medication (Lialda) whose status changed from tier 3 in 2010 to “not covered” in 2011.

He did not recieive any communication alerting him in advance.
Any ideas?

Kevin, At this point your dad probably needs to talk to his doctor to find out if some other drug will work as well as Lialda or have the doctor file an appeal with United Health Care if no other drug will work. Part D plans change on an annual basis and it is the members responsibility to determine plan suitability.

If you find that other companies are not including Lialda in their Part D formularies then maybe it’s one of the drugs that was removed from the Part D program by Medicare because the manufacturer did not give Medicare a discount as required by the recent health care reform legislation.

I have a aarp medicare RX Enhanced plan. One drug I am taking is listed as a tier 1 drug in the formulary, but AARP and Prescription Solutions say it is tier 2

This is interesting since my doctor prescriped EVOZAC, but AARP said i had to try a lower priced drug pilocrpine as part of a step plan, Now the pilocarpine hcl is being priced as a tier 2 drup.

So my copay goes from $9 to $105. I was told “the plan” sets the price. I am very unhappy with this AARP plan which raised my premium and then changes the tier structure on my prescription.

I will not use AARP’s plan next year.

Ed, It sounds frustrating. At least you have the option to choose another plan next year. I don’t believe you are going to find the silver bullet. I hear complaints abount many different plans not just AARP Part D plans.

My doc precribed “LIDODERM udocaine Patch 5 %
but pharmacy say it is not covered however i have medicar part
a and b and medicaid while those who has only medicaid and they are getting this patches
why i am not getting this patches?

Govind, If your pharmacy indicates that Lidoderm udocaine path 5% is not covered, it is probably not included in your AARP Medicare Rx formulary. Those people only on Medicaid would not be restricted by the AARP Part D formulary. Speak with your doctor to determine if there is another prescription and if not have them contact your Part d plan to file an appeal.

Can an AARP drug plan be started on any date other than the first of a month, or can it be back-dated to the first of the month?

Also, do you know of any drug plan that would be good for someone who is glucose-intolerant?


Ellen AARP Part D Plans are effective on the first of the month prior to the month the application was submitted in. Even if you submit an application the last day of the month. You are subject to enrollment periods for Part D Plans. As far as specific drug plans, you should check out the Part D Plan formulary for which ever plans you are interested in. The formulary is the list of covered drugs for any given plan.

i have aarp medicarerx plans preferred (pdp) which one one is better can i have both of them

Henry, You can only have one Medicare Part D Plan. AARP MedicareRx Enhanced will offer more comprehensive coverage. The Enhanced plan will give you an expanded formulary. As to which one is better, that depends on your individual circumstances. If you require medications that are included in the AARP Medicare Rx Enhanced formulary and they are not included in the Preferred formulary you would be better off with the Enhanced plan.

Difficult to get the actual formulary

Trying to compare drug cost with existing pharmacy.
Type. The following med are purchased on a 90 day supply. Cost $15.00 copay.

1. SIMVASTATIN 40MG tablet.
2. TAMSULOSIN HCL 0.4MG capsule
3. glipiZINE ER 2.5MG tablet.

The following is 2 tier:
1. AVODART .05MG SOFTGEL – 90 day supply
2. SINGULAIR 10MG tablet – 30 day supply

Pleaseprovide CoPay cost based on the above information.


Ralph Church

Trying to compare drug cost with existing pharmacy.
Type. The following med are purchased on a 90 day supply. Cost $15.00 copay.

1. SIMVASTATIN 40MG tablet.
2. TAMSULOSIN HCL 0.4MG capsule
3. glipiZIDE ER 2.5MG tablet.

The following is 2 tier:
1. AVODART .05MG SOFTGEL – 90 day supply
2. SINGULAIR 10MG tablet – 30 day supply

Pleaseprovide CoPay cost based on the above information.


Ralph Church

Ralph, Formularies vary depending on where you reside. To find your formulary Go to – enter your zip code. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click review formulary additions…. – then click prescription drug plan formulary – choose the plan you are interested in and view in pdf format.

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Are you able to print a copy of your AARP Medicare preferred cards directly from the website?

I searched the site map on the AARP Medicare plan website and did not see the option to print Part D membership cards. Plan members can call 1-866-255-4835 for assistance.

Where can I locate the Annual Notice of changes for 2012? My Mom received her change information in the mail and threw away everything but the cover letter. Then gave me the letter and to with any changes that will affect her. I have no idea what the changes are and I can not locate them on the web site. Any idea where I can find out what changes are being made to the preferred plan including the premium changes?

Donna, Requesting a second notice of change may be more trouble than it is worth. The new 2012 AARP MedicareRx Preferred PDP will be publicly available on October 1. Visit and enter your zip code to find your mom’s plan. Check out the basic plan info as well as the plan’s formulary to be sure that your mom’s medications are still covered.

I have to get another insurance to cover medicine since the one I have will stop covering medicine the first of 2012. Is Lipitor covered under the preferred plan?

Jack, Part D plans and formularies can vary from State to State. I would recommend that you visit and search for plans in your area and then use the Drug Look Up Tool to be certain. You may also want to compare the AARP Medicare Rx Preferred plan for 2012 with other available plans in your area. Also, don’t stop when you determine that Lipitor is covered but also look at tier placement compared to other plans.

David, I am presently no taking any medication. However, I would like to get into a Part D plan now to avoid any future penalties. Which would be the best option for me?


Hector Rodriguez

Hector, I can’t make a specific recommendation but I can give you some general guidance. If you don’t take any medications and are in good health you may want to choose a plan with a standard formulary rather than one with an expanded formulary. Most insurance companies give the same advice. There is often little reason to pay twice as much for a plan with an expanded formulary if you are not currently taking drugs.

Visit and click on Compare Health and drug Plans. You will be prompted to enter your zip code. With a few clicks you will be able to see all Part D plans for 2012.

My dad is taking Lantus and NovaLog as well as many other Rx…. I am thinking that he will fall into coverage gap soon. Would the AARP Perferred help with this because I feel these 2 prescriptions alone would put him in the donut hole. How much is allowed before falling into this coverage gap.

I am only 36 and right now in good health..I could not imagine what seniors must deal with on a monthly basis…this is frustrating.

Tina, Your the Dad would enter the coverage gap for 2011 when the amount of money spent by him and the insurance company reaches $4550. His statements from his Part D plan should shed some light on how close he may be. While in the coverage gap he would be responsible for 50% of the cost of brand name drugs and 84% for generics (benefit year 2011). AARP MedicareRx Preferred generally only has a benefit for tier 1 drugs while in the coverage gap. So I’m not sure it would help with his Lantus and Novalog.

Yes it is frustrating. My Dad is on the same two drugs that you mention and I know it would be a real struggle without the Part D. I hope it’s still there when we reach that age…. me much sooner than you!

What can you tell me about if a person moves out of state. Is there a waiting period to sign-up in the new state or is there a plan that will ‘follow’ me.

Karen, When you move out of your plan’s service are (related to Part D and Medicare Advantage) your plan does not follow you. You will be entitled to a Special Enrollment Period to choose a new plan in your new service area. There is no waiting period and you should have a smooth transition from one plan to the next.

I called your 866 number about a question on your Preferred drug plan my wife was thinking of signing up for, we like using the mail order and they said we could only get a 30 day supply of Advair and Singulair under that plan!!! Even after I told them that she has chronic asthma and has been taking the drugs for years?? Also we travel in the winter and usually get a 3 months supply!!
This is a negative for that plan,was this a mistake on her part,or is this for real??


Moe, This site is not operated by AARP or UnitedHealthCare. Many drugs have limits on quantities. This may be the case. Visit the website for AARP drug plans and locate the Part d formulary for the plan you are interested in. This will answer your question.

The Part-D estimator gives me an annual price of $678 (including premiums) for 6-drugs using 90-day refills at Walgreens in zip code 60555. When I use 30-day refills I get an annual price of $1,214 which is about the same price I get using the AARP United Healthcare website for either 30- or 90-day refills. AARP couldn’t explain the difference – which is significant. I’m beginning to think using these estimators is like going to Las Vegas. Any ideas of where I can get a straight answer?

Thanks for the help.

Thomas, I feel the same way. Get the formulary, find your drugs and do the math. That way you know you’re right.

I lost my aarp prescription drug card, RX preferred, how do I get a replacement.

Judy, Here is a link to the page for AARP Medicare plans.

Very good article.Really looking forward to read more. Amazing.

I have always received 5 vials of lantus for my 90 day supply up until a few months ago when I was told that my AARP Medicare Preferred Rx plan states an up to but not going over status….it was the first I’ve ever heard of this…so now I am paying full cost for an 80 day supply when I need a 90 day supply, if I were to buy it on a monthly basis, I would receive 2/3 of my prescription but pay the full price, this is going to cause me into looking into a different plan. Is this the truth or is the pharmacist lying to me? this is very upsetting because Lantus is a tier 2 drug and is very expensive.
thank you

Jean, I can’t imagine what benefit the pharmacist would receive by lying to you. Many drugs are subject to limits.

I have been trying to find AARP/United Healthcare drug formulary for 2013 on line without success. I have called the company & asked them what it was listed under but they have been unable to help me. It seems to me if you want people to join you would make your formulary more available. They want you to call their telephone reps & ask them if your drug is covered. Since some of my drugs are quite expensive any mistake by a rep could be quite costly to me ($350 for one drug for one month). I can understand that it could be quite costly to print up drug lists, but they should have them online.

Arlene, Here is a link for the page you are looking for: AARP United Healthcare Formulary.

i have aarp preferred rx can I use the mail in option to fill my scripts ? does it matter if they are controlled subs and what tier ?

Trishahenn, You should contact your provider by calling the member services number on your card.

I will have Medicare part D effective 7/1/13.
However, I do not see in or where the premium deduction will be automatically deducted from my SS check? – I just want to make sure I will have rx coverage July 1, 2013. Thank you. I can give my account number on a secure line for my AARP Medicare RX Preferred (PDP).

Thank you.

Mildred, This website is not owned by AARP or UnitedHealthcare but I think I can help. Unless you gave your banking information or expressly asked to be direct billed, it should be set up as a deduction from your Social Security income. If you have received your Part D member card you should be fine. Insurance companies will generally by default set payments up as a deduction from Social Security income. Also, you may find that the deduction doesn’t happen in the first month and they will deduct two months worth in month two… bureaucracy! Rest assured that the insurance company will get their money!

Thanks so much David! – You have been a great help!!

I have Medicare RX Preferred and usually receive my Formulary each year, this year I have not received my 2014 Formulary. I am requesting one via Mail.

Marilyn, This site is not owned or operated by United Healthcare. Contact a United healthcare agent where you live and they should be able to help you.

Thank you David.

The AARP Medicare Rx Enchanced plan has coverage in the Gap for Tier 1 an 2 and selected medication in Tier 3-5. How can I find out if a medication is covered in the Gap or am I only paying the percentage of the medication in each Tier in the Gap? I understand that in the Coverage Gap you are paying 72% for generic and 47.5% for brand, but that applies to all three plans. Could you give me an example of a drug that is covered in the coverage Gap and one that is not? Can I compare it to the total drug cost, or what can I do?

I am currently having my Premiums Electronically paid out of my Checking Account, I would like to go back to sending in the payment slips each month. How do I I switch back over to paying by check each month?

Thank you.

Linda, You should call the member services number on your card and let them know what you would like to do.

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